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Esther Agbaje

Taught by Esther Agbaje

Developer Advocate, Chakra UI

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Introduction to Chakra UI

Introduction to Chakra UI

Getting Started in a React Project

Getting Started in a React Project

Introduction to the Components

Introduction to the Components


Design and Source Code

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  • Figma Design for both web & mobile
  • The code source in CodeSandbox
  • The code source in GitHub

Figma Design



Meet your Instructor

Esther Agbaje

I'm Esther.

I'm a developer advocate, technical writer, and open-source maintainer. At Chakra UI, I create a weekly video series- The Components of the Week and build code samples & tidbits to educate and engage developers on efficiently using Chakra UI components. I've also been involved in speaking at conferences and driving the conversation about Chakra UI at different events.

At the moment, I'm actively involved with growing the developer community by organizing events such as Hackathons and Physical meetups.

In my previous role as Technical Content Manager at Animalz, I leveraged my knowledge and experience as a frontend developer to create relevant, trustworthy content for several technical audiences and companies. The topics span from accessibility to test automation, localization, etc.

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